15th August is Independence Day of Bharat. The war of independence was fought against The Britishers with a tricolor national flag in the hands of thousands of Freedom Fighters. Tricolor national flag has a glorious history. Some of the Freedom Fighters were fighting the war of independence outside Bharat from foreign lands. Sardarsinh Rana and Madam Bhikhaiji Cama were among a few freedom fighters outside Bharat. In 1907 an International Conference of Socialist was organized at Stuttgart city of Germany. Sardarsinh Rana and Madam Cama participated in this conference as a representatives of Bharat. The organizers asked them for their National Flag. Actually, till then there was no national flag available. Both the representatives designed 03 deferent types of tricolor national flags made out of the silk dresses of Madam Cama. One flag was designed horizontal, another was designed vertical. Four things were common in all the flags designed. Green, Yellow and Red colors, symbols of Sun and Crescent, at centre VANDEMATARAM. On 22nd August, 1907 Madam Cama along with Sardarsinh Rana hoisted the first tricolor national flag of Bharat in the conference and addressed the gathering in true spirit of a freedom fighter, demanding an independence from British rule. Out of the 03 designed flags, currently, 02 flags are available with us in Bharat. One is at the office of KESARI,  a leading and historical News paper from Pune, Maharashtra. And another one is at residence of Rajendrasinh Rana, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, who is a great grandson of Sardarsinh Rana. The third one is untraceble. Probably, it was with Madam Cama. She breathed her last lonely in a hospital,at Mumbai in 1932-33. Her belongings were untraced. All possibilities are there that the third piece of flag might be with her and untraceable. This is the historical facts of First Tricolor National Flag of Bharat.